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Hi! My name is Andrés. If I had to define myself that would be a researcher, melomaniac and multi-purpose man in music industry.  I am here for and because of music.

I have played, recorded and produced many projects, mainly focused on electronics, hip hop, black music or pop. I cannot left aside my path as selector/dj. I enjoy creating sounds ambients and traveling, that sometimes are the same thing.

I am a Telecomunications engineer and I grew up as an artistic producer in Barcelona. I combine this with being the label manager and communicator of Rebited, radio and his endless creative and technical possibilities, freelance projects in music different areas and educational and researcher works, all of it give me the chance to move all around the globe.

I have made music for comercials, visual art, short films and openings. You can find some examples here. I also work in other sides of music: Communication and promotion, strategy and development, technical and production are areas where I develope my freelance activity.

If you think I could add you up, you can contact me here or on any of the social networks above.